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Zoobilee Zoo Wiki is about the 1980's live-action kids show from DIC Entertainment and Hallmark Properties.

The show in a really big nutshellEdit

Zoobilee Zoo is an Emmy Award-winning children's television program featuring costumed performers dressed as animal characters. It originally aired from 1986–1987 for 22 Minutes, then in syndication until 2001 on several television channels including commercial network television stations, public television stations, The Learning Channel, and the Hallmark Channel. Only 65 episodes of the original incarnation of the show were made. While it was in syndication for 15 years, it is no longer airing on television today. The original 65 episodes are currently owned by Hallmark Properties and produced by WQED Pittsburgh.

Generally the plot of each episode consists of the main characters, called Zoobles, encountering difficulties usually common to young children (though some adults can relate to them) and then learning a moral lesson about dealing with such problems (such as being apprehensive of going to a doctor or learning to appreciate others). Each character has a certain gimmick in his behavior or interests that gives him a unique view on each problem faced (i.e. Bravo Fox is a showman and encourages the amazingness of acting, Talkatoo Cockatoo enjoys reading, writing and speech, Van Go Lion enjoys art, Whazzat encourages kids to enjoy music and dance, Lookout enjoys adventuring and travel, and Bill likes to invent and fix stuff).

The show is still available on a wide array of VHS videocassettes, the most recent series released in 1997, though it has not been released to DVD in over 9 years since then. However, in 2000, 14 new direct-to-video episodes and soundtracks were released, and a stage show, "Zoobilee Zoo Live!" toured briefly, with several of the cast members of the classic TV series reprising their roles for the stage shows. A book is currently in the works, with input from all cast members and some of the crew, with a projected release in 2007. As of today, however, it has not been released due to publishing problems.

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